The palace has been

  built during the

  XIV-XV century and

  suddenly became the

  residential house in

  Florence of the noble

  family Stiozzi Ridolfi;

  the family also owned

  many other properties

  both in the town

  and in the Florentine

  and Siena area

  expecially in Certaldo.

San Niccolò apartment, 99

The most famous member of the family was marquis Giuseppe Stiozzi Ridolfi who commissioned architect Luigi Cambray Digny to adapt the famous garden “Orti Rucellai” to the English style during the XVII century".  The typical Florentine columned court of the palace and its well adorned with “edera” are witnesses of the fascinating and charming history of this building.




Vecchietti apartment is sited in the historical Palace “Ricci-Altoviti”, via Dé Vecchietti 6, belonged to the noble family of the Medici Tornaquinci. The Palace includes the ancient tower “Torre degli Agli”, still observable on the left side of the building. Two coat of arm, symbols of the Altoviti family and the Medici Tornaquinci family (subsequent owners), are still visible in the face of this Palace.


Vecchietti apartment, 6

The plastered facade shows a predominantly horizontal development which contrasts with the tower (Torre degli Agli). This tower still shows the old coated of stone. The portal is located off center with a stone frame. Sideways open two marvellous "finestre inginocchiate" (kneeling windows).